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Adam Niedzielski: lifeguards can practice the profession on the basis of a diploma

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published July 5, 2023 08:35

Adam Niedzielski: lifeguards can practice the profession on the basis of a diploma - Header image
fot. Piotr Wójcik
- Paramedics can practice their profession on the basis of a diploma of graduation within 2 years from the date of entry into force of the law without obtaining a PWZ and registration, Health Minister Adam Niedzielski wrote on Twitter, responding to a post by the former head of the ministry, Bartosz Arlukowicz, in which he indicated that the provisions of the law on the profession of paramedic, in effect since June 22, exclude all paramedics in Poland.

Recall, the law on the paramedic profession was passed last December, and came into force on June 22. The regulation establishes, among other things, a self-government of paramedics, which grants them the right to practice the profession. According to the provisions, graduates must hold a document of right to practice the profession, issued precisely by the self-government, which has not yet been established.

In a Twitter post, former Health Minister Bartosz Arlukowicz addressed concerns about this.

"If you met Minister Niedzielski somewhere out there on the road between Piła and Czarnków (district 38), tell him that he wrote a law that excludes from work all paramedics in Poland. I'm just throwing this in," Arlukovich wrote.

In response, the current head of the health ministry explained that emergency workers can practice their profession for t...

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