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Doctors always on call. It's a full-time job that goes unnoticed

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Published March 11, 2024 09:18

Doctors always on call. It's a full-time job that goes unnoticed - Header image
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More than half of doctors support patients outside of working hours, often at the expense of their own rest, according to the "Patient on the Phone" report, compiled by the Research and Analysis Center of the Supreme Chamber of Physicians and Doctor.One, in cooperation with NIL IN - the Network of Physician Innovators of the Supreme Chamber of Physicians, the Polish Federation of Hospitals and the "You can't see past me" Foundation.

When a doctor closes the office door, it's not uncommon for his invisible post to begin. A text message from a patient asking for a consultation. An email with test results. A Facebook message asking for a prescription... The nationwide survey of doctors conducted last fall, "Patient on the Phone," aimed to help understand the scale of this phenomenon and its impact on doctors and their patients.

For the sake of the patient

76 percent of the 385 doctors surveyed keep in touch with their patients outside of appointments, and 50 percent of doctors provide patients with their private phone number. Medics who choose to stay in touch with their patients say they do so most often to be able to respond appropriately to a patient's ongoing problems or questions in the treatment process, and to provide the patient with a greater sense of security. One in three physicians declare that constant contact with the patient is needed to increase their influence over the patient's course of treatment.

- With advances in technology, but also changes in lifestyle, ...

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