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NHF warns: beware of scammers claiming to be doctors

MedExpress Team


Published Feb. 8, 2024 10:43

NHF warns: beware of scammers claiming to be doctors - Header image
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It's not only on the grandson and policeman anymore, but also on the doctor. Fraudsters do not disguise their efforts to extort money, mainly from the elderly. The Świętokrzyskie branch of the National Health Fund warns against the new way criminals operate.

Fraudulent claims against the elderly recently occurred in two cities in the Świętokrzyskie province: in Starachowice and Kielce. In both cases, the scammers pretended to be health care workers, specifically doctors. On the phone, they talked about the illness of a loved one and asked to transfer money. A total of 75 thousand zlotys fell prey to the thieves.

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