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NIL releases PES questions

MedExpress Team


Published April 4, 2023 08:49

NIL releases PES questions - Header image
After a long court battle and struggling with unreasonable demands from the Center for Medical Examinations, the questions from the 2018-2020 specialty exams have finally been made available to us , says the NRL president.

According to Lukasz Jankowski, this is a big success for the medical self-government. - We are precisely for the common good of our environment to ensure compliance with the law and the creation of opportunities for future medical specialists to obtain the best possible qualifications. Making the questions from previous exam sessions public will not only help even better prepare the examinees in future sessions, but above all will allow for substantive supervision of the content of the questions, which has often been questioned by doctors during the exams," stresses the president of the Supreme Medical Council. 

After the personal efforts of Lukasz Jankowski and a letter from the President of the NRL to the Acting Director of the CEM Dr. n. praw. Rafal Kubiak with a request to execute the legitimate verdict of the Voivodship Administrative Court in Lodz of September 28, 2021, the questions were finally sent to the Supreme Medical Chamber. Earlier, the CEM, after the verdict of the WSA, tried to appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court, but the latter indicated that there were no grounds for refusing to provide the NIL with the requested exam questions along with the correct answers. 

- Making the questions available will benefit not only doctors preparing for the exam - although they are most looking forward to these questions as part of an important part of their preparation. Substantive oversight of the quality of the questions will benefit society as a whole, including patients, who will thus gain access to even better educated, medically knowledgeable specialists, the NRL president adds. 

Files with a database of questions and answer keys from the PES conducted in 2018-2020 by specialty:

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