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NIL: Veto of quality bill

MedExpress Team


Published April 12, 2023 11:28

NIL: Veto of quality bill - Header image
The Supreme Chamber of Physicians, being a member of the Alliance of Medical Organizations, is working to consolidate the medical community in the common goal of stopping the legislative process, harmful to patients and doctors, of the bill on quality in health care and patient safety. The government bill will most likely be considered at the next session of the Polish Parliament on April 12-14 this year. Despite the Senate's resolution to reject it and the continuing opposition of the medical community, there is unfortunately a huge risk that it will be passed in the Sejm and sent to the President of the Republic of Poland for signature. The medical community has been pointing out since the beginning of the project's procedure that its provisions pose a threat to patient safety. Despite repeated attempts to engage in dialogue and cooperation on the bill, the proposals of the medical community have been permanently ignored. In view of this, the Agreement of Medical Organizations has sent a petition to President of Poland Andrzej Duda for a veto of the government's proposed law. The Supreme Chamber of Physicians, since the inception of the veto initiative, through communications on its website, social media, newsletters, letters to the presidents of District Medical Councils and their members, letters to scientific societies, as well as through text messages sent to all physicians, has encouraged the consolidation of the medical community and the signing of the petition, for the common good of patients and physicians. You can sign the petition here

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