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NRA: Yes to "Pharmacy for the Pharmacist"

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published July 21, 2023 09:52

NRA: Yes to "Pharmacy for the Pharmacist" - Header image
Fot . Robert Robaszewski / Agencja Gazeta
The Supreme Pharmacy Council has issued a legal stance on regulations sealing Pharmacy for Pharmacists. "We fight against the practice of buying up pharmacies for money from tax havens! The health of Poles must not be exposed to the interests of corporations!" the NIA tweeted.

The post published on the NIA website reads, "The amendment law:

1) protects property and inheritance rights;

2) does not provide for the closure of existing community pharmacies and does not restrict their operations; any information that the amendment law will negatively affect the rights or situation of patients is false;

3) does not impose an obligation on entities operating community pharmacies or entities controlling such entities to divest pharmacies;

4) does not impose any new obligations on entities operating community pharmacies; these en...

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