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Pharmacy for the Pharmacist. Pharmacy chain owners have concerns

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published July 24, 2023 17:46

Pharmacy for the Pharmacist. Pharmacy chain owners have concerns - Header image
- Such an important law, which determines the supply of medicines to 40 million Poles, cannot be done at a parliamentary throw-in, without a Regulatory Impact Assessment and listening to the voices of the environment - this is what Marcin Piskorski, president of the Association of Pharmacy Employers PharmaNET, said at a press conference about the changes under way to tighten up Pharmacy for the Pharmacist. On Monday, the amendment was taken up by the Senate Health Committee.

This is an amendment to regulate the Polish pharmacy market. According to it, a pharmacy could only be taken over by a pharmacist running a sole proprietorship, a general or partnership company with pharmacists with a license to practice, as well as a university providing pharmacy education. The acquiring entity or related other entities will not be allowed to own or be a partner in more than four community pharmacies nationwide.

- The law...

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