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RPO: Childgrooming a growing problem. Decisive action is needed

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Published Nov. 22, 2023 12:10

RPO: Childgrooming a growing problem. Decisive action is needed - Header image
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The information and education activities of public authorities in the fight against the phenomenon of "childgrooming" appear to be insufficient, according to the Ombudsman. According to research, gaining a child's trust through the Internet for the purpose of sexual exploitation is becoming a growing problem. Deputy Ombudsman Stanislaw Trociuk requests the director of the Scientific and Academic Computer Network Wojciech Pawlak to consider taking appropriate action on the issue.

The RPO addresses the problem of sharing pathological content online, pointing out the significant risks of this phenomenon to the upbringing of children and young people. Recently, the Minister of Digitization reported that "the results of the 2018-2020 surveys on children's safety on the Internet testify to the declining interest of young people in the phenomenon of pathotreatment and pathostreaming. According to the 2020 Teens 3.0 report, the vast majority of teens (72.8 percent) give a negative answer to the question about viewing patostreams (65.9 percent in 2018), while 17 percent of teens confirm that they are viewers of such content (23.4 percent in 2018)." At the same time, it was stressed that "it is legitimate and even crucial to continue and develop information and education activities that raise awareness not only among children, but also among adults about cyber threats."

However, the RPO continues to receive complaints about patostreaming. Complainants express outrage and helplessness in combating this phenomenon. Information on the subject also appears in the public space. Thus, the problem still seems current and serious.

The Ombudsman sees that with the development of digital technologies, new threats are e...

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