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Don't eat meat? What about a meal at the hospital or school?

MedExpress Team

Published April 17, 2024 10:01

Don't eat meat? What about a meal at the hospital or school? - Header image
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As the Ombudsman points out, worldview changes are taking place in the younger generation, with more and more students opting for various types of meat-free diets. Signals reaching the Ombudsman indicate that they are encountering problems in enjoying wholesome meatless meals in educational institutions.

It appears that meatless meals are to be available in the form of elimination of certain elements of meals, without replacing them with alternatives. The Ombudsman is asking for the Health Minister's position.

The issue of the quality of meals in hospitals has been a subject of interest to the Ombudsman for many years, as reflected in numerous speeches by Ombudsmen of the fifth, sixth and seventh terms. In particular, the Ombudsman pointed to the importance of the regulation of the Minister of Health defining the requirements applicable to the conduct of mass catering in hospitals. 

The statutory delegation for regulation is Article 72(6) of the Food and Nutrition Safety Act. As an argument for using this authority, the Ombudsman pointed to the results of an audit by the Supreme Audit Office as to meals in hospitals in a 2018 speech. It showed numerous irregularities. Its general conclusion was that the quality of meals did not meet the health needs of patients.

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