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Parkinson's disease

We await the results of studies on neuromodulatory therapies

MedExpress Team


Published April 11, 2023 10:00

We await the results of studies on neuromodulatory therapies - Header image
Clear paths in the system, the ability to find care in reference centers throughout Poland, and to remain active and functional for as long as possible, wishes patients with Parkinson's disease to Prof. Jaroslaw Slawek, head of the Neurological and Stroke Unit, St. Adalbert Hospital in Gdansk.

Prof. Jaroslaw Slawek:

  • Parkinson's disease affects 1.5 percent of the population over the age of 65. In the general population, it is 0.3 percent.
  • According to the National Health Service, we have about 90,000 patients in Poland.
  • Every year, Parkinson's disease is diagnosed in 5,000 people in Poland.
  • The incidence curve has been rising faster than expected in recent years.
  • The increasing number of sick people is, on the one hand, the result of a...

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