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What about this health education?

MedExpress Team

Published March 26, 2024 10:16

What about this health education? - Header image
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Elements of health literacy will be included in the new core curriculum for the subject of family education, which will take effect at the start of the 2025/2026 school year, one of the messages heard by the Permanent Subcommittee on Public Health last week.

A few weeks ago, the Patient Ombudsman appealed to Barbara Nowacka to introduce the subject of health knowledge (health education) in schools as soon as possible. This has been a constant demand from patient organizations and experts in both health care and public health for several years. The arguments are clear: if we don't health-educate the new generations, we won't be able to counter the tsunami of problems generated by the public's inappropriate behavior and choices, from issues such as avoidance of immunizations to the epidemic of civilization diseases, including oncology.

The introduction of a separate subject in schools was already...

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