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When should one visit a hematologist?

MedExpress Team

Published Nov. 29, 2023 08:00

When should one visit a hematologist? - Header image
Modern medicine has many specialties. One of them is hematology, which specializes in the hematopoietic system and diseases related to it. Blood plays an extremely important role in the human body, as it nourishes organs and has a major impact on the immune system. In this article we will answer the question of when to go to a hematologist and how to prepare for the visit.

Who is a hematologist?

A hematologist Warsaw doctor deals with diseases of the blood and hematopoietic system, i.e. bone marrow, spleen, liver and lymph nodes. To become a hematologist, one must complete medical school and a three-year specialization. As part of his medical practice, a hematologist can diagnose, treat and implement a variety of preventive measures. A hematologist has extensive knowledge to detect abnormalities in blood clotting mechanisms, blood component deficiencies and tumors.

A hematologist doctor deals with the following diseases:

- hyperplasia,

- thrombocytopenia

- lymphoma,

- Myeloid and lymphoid leukemia,

- immunodeficiency,

- anemia,

- mastocytosis,

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