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Parallel worlds

MedExpress Team

Małgorzata Solecka

Published June 22, 2023 10:46

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Never before has the health care system been so financially valued, argues Health Minister Adam Niedzielski, promising "on an annual basis" 15 billion zlotys of "additional money" to cover the higher operating costs of medical entities, including in connection with the next round of increases, or rather valorization, of salaries. The minister's promises, juxtaposed with the calculations of experts, but above all with the information coming from hospitals, do not stand the test. Just - what of it?

We live in parallel worlds. In the reality created in the conference room of the Ministry of Health, the world appears in brighter and brighter colors. There is more than 160 billion zlotys in the system, when eight years ago there was only 70 billion. - We have doubled health spending," argues Adam Niedzielski, otherwise a doctor of economics. In this reality, it is possible to increase the "extra money" in the system by a billion zlotys in three days - on May 22, the minister, during a meeting of the presidium of the Trilateral Team for Health Care, talks about 14 billion zlotys, only to bump the rate up to 15 billion zlotys on May 25. In this reality, it is also possible to present calculations of "additional money" amo...

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