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Astronomical medical bills in the US

MedExpress Team

Krzysztof Boczek

Published March 28, 2023 12:43

Astronomical medical bills in the US - Header image
Every year in the U.S., more than half a million families declare bankruptcy due to horrendoushigh medical bills. Because, for example, just getting a sick person to the hospital can cost up to half a million dollars! We present the absurdly high bills that Americans receive. And this is despite the law that a year ago was supposed to eliminate the phenomenon of shockingly high invoices.

No country spends as much on health care as the US. In 2021, Americans' spending on medical treatment increased by 2.7% and reached the astronomical sum of $4.3 trillion! That's $12,000 914 per American! Although it should be noted that this average is de facto higher, because as many as 29 million Americans in 2019 had no insurance policy at all and the lion's share of them did not pay for treatment.

The world's largest economy spends as much as 18.3% of its GDP on health care - a monstrous amount. Almost 2 times more than the average for more than 40 of the world's most developed countries - the OECD countries. Countries in this group on average spend 9.7% of GDP on health care (even before the pandemic, only 8.8% in 2019).

100 million Americans with medical debt!

Medical treatment costs salaciously in the US. So salubrious,...

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