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Adam Niedzielski: We will introduce universal e-registration

MedExpress Team


Published Sept. 6, 2022 13:23

Adam Niedzielski: We will introduce universal e-registration - Header image
Fot. Ministerstwo Zdrowia
- The time of technological stagnation in the Polish healthcare system lasted too long. Now we are dealing with a technological explosion - said Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski during the Healthcare Forum in Karpacz. Services such as e-prescription or e-sick leave already operate in Poland. The minister announced the commencement of work on the implementation of universal e-registration.

As emphasized by Adam Niedzielski, the demand for medical services will continue to grow, mainly due to the aging of the society. At the same time, the health care system is struggling with the problem of staff shortages. The solution is to improve the system by implementing new technologies that facilitate the work of clinics and hospitals.

- In the near future we will be working on int...

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