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Anna Gołębicka: Welcome to the dentist world

MedExpress Team

Anna Gołębicka

Published Dec. 31, 2021 15:54

Anna Gołębicka: Welcome to the dentist world - Header image
fot.Monika Szałek
Polish health care has not been in such a difficult moment yet. And it is not about access to world knowledge, modern procedures or technologies. The world we lived in just disappears before our eyes.

Ideals displaced by the market in the wrong sense are falling apart. Those at the bottom do not want to win the loser competition again and leave, the ones at the top know that this process is ultimately even useful for them. In the middle of it all, there is a patient who tries to save himself somehow. The argument at the SOR does not bring anything, a grudge against the minister who appears on TV too. The patient cries and pays. Or he just dies in the silence of his home.

For many years the system stuck to it mainly because it was standard to work in several places. Research on HRM before the pandemic showed that as many as 17.7% of doctors worked in four places, and only 24% of doctors in one. Undoubtedly, we were dealing with a paradoxical phenomenon in the economic context, because the scarce resource did not generate a higher price for itself, but "multiplied" ...

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