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Lung cancer is diagnosed too late. Primary and secondary prevention is the key

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published Feb. 8, 2024 13:33

Lung cancer is diagnosed too late. Primary and secondary prevention is the key - Header image
Lung cancer is the biggest killer in the cancer group. The challenge remains to reach at-risk groups with prevention and diagnose the disease at an early stage. Implementing treatment at the first stage achieves five-year survival in more than 90 percent of patients. The chances of a cure for stage four cancer decrease to almost zero. The challenges of lung cancer were debated by participants of the Parliamentary Group on Lung Diseases.

Up to 23,000 people die of lung cancer in Poland each year. This is more than for colon, breast and prostate cancer combined. It is one of the worst prognostic cancers. Five-year survival is achieved in only 14.4 percent of patients. Moreover, in the European system, Poland ranks fourth in terms of incidence and second in terms of mortality from the disease. This is because the disease is most often diagnosed too late. Cancer diagnosed at the fourth stage in almost all cases ends in the death of the patient. First stage cancers manage to be cured in 92 percent of cases.

- It's not that our community is taking no action. Together with pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons, we propose numerous solutions. Unfortunately, they mostly remain on paper. These are, in theory, some of the best European solutions. The ...

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