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CMKP: How many residencies in spring proceedings

MedExpress Team


Published Jan. 30, 2024 13:01

CMKP: How many residencies in spring proceedings - Header image
Until when can applications be submitted?

According to CMKP, 4208 residency and 9927 non-residency slots are available in the spring qualification procedure for medical specialties. Applications will be available from February 1 in the Education Monitoring System.

The Medical Center for Postgraduate Education has published a list of specialty vacancies by province:

Areas in which the most residency spots are allocated:

459 - family medicine
414 - internal medicine
220 - general surgery
206 - pediatrics
206 - neurology
186 - anesthesiology and intensive care
186 - clinical oncology
180 - obstetrics and gynecology
175 - psychiatry
130 - neonatology
126 - musculoskeletal orthopedics and traumatology
118 - emergency medicine
95 - pathomorphology
89 - radiology and diagnostic imaging
88 - radiation oncology

Doctors submit an application to start specialization to the director of the CMKP through the go...

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