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Jacek Krajewski: 2023 passed under the sign of coordinated care

MedExpress Team

Published Jan. 3, 2024 09:56

Jacek Krajewski: 2023 passed under the sign of coordinated care - Header image
President of the Zielonogórski Agreement Jacek Krajewski summarizes the past year.

"It has been an interesting year, but at the same time not an easy one. It took a huge effort on the part of our team to achieve our goal of introducing coordinated care into primary health care. At the beginning, however, the conditions for its implementation were not right, there was a lack of consultation with the community. As a result, we decided not to participate in the work of the OK team under the Minister of Health. However, the situation has changed, and we, through our efforts, have created conditions favorable enough that we can now confidently recommend the introduction of coordinated care into the POZ.

Initially, we assumed that the possible involvement of 10 percent of POZs in coordinated care would have already been a success, realizing that this is a multi-year process. However, we now have 30 percent of POZs that have successfully ...

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