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Coordinated care in PCP like a European green deal?

MedExpress Team

Iwona Schymalla

Published March 13, 2024 10:41

Coordinated care in PCP like a European green deal? - Header image
If it's so good, why is it so bad? - asks Dr. Michal Sutkowski, spokesman for the College of Family Physicians in Poland.

We are going to talk about coordinated care, which has been visiting primary health care facilities for some time. I am curious about your opinion on this topic.

Coordinated care is a bit like the European green deal. A peasant order needs to be introduced and many things need to be improved. It shouldn't be thrown out, of course, but at the same time a discussion needs to be started about something else, something deeper and qualitatively better, something more important. The acronym for these words is EPID, or education, prevention and diagnosis.

What were the beginnings of this care. A bit like a rabbit out of a hat, the goings-on of coordinated care in primary care were pulled out of the hat, yet using family medicine services, we know that it was already working on many levels....

Yes. We, to a large extent, have felt that we are the care coordinators of our patients for years. And I think every family doctor, every PCP feels that way. My sense is that coordinated care has been a political and medical project. And there's no need to be afraid of those words. Political in the sense that there was some resistance from the community and some reluctance from the community to undertake it, and at the same time the persistence of the then Ministry of Health in 2022 to introduce it. The relative success of coordinated care (because I can't say it's not a relative success) is the result, for good measure, of the enthusiasm, work, enthusiasm of initially one person, i.e., the national consultant for family medicine, Professor Agnieszka Mastalerz-Migas, who did a lot of spreading, teaching and clarifying and correcting everything that was done wrong. Time has shown that, indeed, coordinated care is not implemented everywhere, not always and through no fault of primary care physicians. I would like to bring up two important things. First, in August 2022, the eve of coordinated care, doctors were asked in a survey: what do you think about coordinated care? Are you familiar with the premise of coordinated care? 7 percent answered that they knew. Are you in favor of coordinated care entering the PCP. The answer - 5.6 percent were in favor. Are you in favor of increasing the duties of the family doctor? 1.8 percent responded positively. This is not a good starting point. It was asked, once the principles of coordinated car...

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