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MZ appoints team for in vitro program

MedExpress Team

Published Feb. 16, 2024 13:54

MZ appoints team for in vitro program - Header image
The Order of the Minister of Health dated February 14, 2024 on the establishment of a Team for the development of criteria for a health policy program for the treatment of infertility involving medically assisted procreation procedures, including in vitro fertilization carried out in a medically assisted procreation center, was published in the OJ of the Ministry of Health.

The Team consists of:

1) Chairperson - Dagmara Korbasinska - representative of the Ministry of Health;

2) Prof. Mariusz Bidzinski, MD - national consultant in gynecologic oncology, head of the Gynecologic Oncology Clinic at the Maria SklodowskaCurie National Institute of Oncology - National Research Institute;

3) Prof. Robert Zygmunt Spaczyński, MD - national consultant in gynecological and reproductive endocrinology;

4) Prof. Miroslaw Wielgoś, MD - national consultant in perinatology;

5) Prof. Rafał Kurzawa...

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