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New authorities of the Polish Society of Cardiology

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Published Sept. 28, 2023 07:56

New authorities of the Polish Society of Cardiology - Header image
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The General Meeting of Delegates of the Polish Society of Cardiology was held during the XXVII International Congress of the Polish Cardiac Society in Poznań, during which new authorities were elected.

Prof. Robert J. Gil, MD, head of the Department of Cardiology at the National Medical Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration (MSWIA) in Warsaw, and former president-elect, has become the new president of the Polish Cardiac Society. He replaced Prof. Przemysław Mitkowski, MD, who is finishing his term. Competing for the title of president-elect were Prof. Dr. Marek Gierlotka, Prof. Dr. Dr. Piotr Jankowski and Prof. Dr. Dr. Jarosław Kaźmierczak. The president-elect of the Polish Society of Cardiology was elected Prof. Marek Gierlotka, MD, PhD, head of the Clinic and Department of Cardiology at USK UO in Opole and director of the Institute of Medical Sciences at Opole University.

The new president of the PTK, Prof. Robert J. Gil, MD, stresses that his term will focus on 3 directions. The first direction concerns the organization of the Polish Society of Cardiology itself. On the one hand, this involves the creation of an Expert Bureau of the PTK modeled on the Advocacy and Regulatory Affairs Committees of the European Society of Cardiology. Such an "Expert Bureau" should follow the current situation in the health market and react to the processes happening.
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