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Anna Gołębicka

Time for debogging

MedExpress Team

Anna Gołębicka

Published May 16, 2022 12:07

Time for debogging - Header image
fot.Monika Szałek
Doctors often sarcastically talk about the assessment of their work by patients: if the surgery is successful, it is "thank God", but if it fails, it is a medical error. But there is also a joke that explains that this makes a doctor different from God, that God does not assume that he is a doctor. Exactly - Gods or "gods"?

At present, this "enrichment", rooted in the distant past, has a magical charm only for the parents of future adepts of the medical arts. It is enough to visit the hospital for a moment, without being sick (because the observation abilities of the outside world are very distorted in the disease) to see that it is not Olympus but Apollo, Venus and Zeus reigning here, they are - potentially - only pretenders. No one from the Holy Trinity in the form of a doctor raises the dead here, and neither Allah, Jehovah, nor Re - accept patients. Well, whatever I say, the doctor is not God. Around, even after renovation, there is a general mess and an atmosphere in which it is not appropriate to be nice, cordial and human. You have to be vigilant, as in the Prussian trenches, but here and your friends can kick you at any moment. Organization of "divine" action - how ...

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