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Doctors limit working hours

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Published Nov. 9, 2022 08:01

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Already more than 60 percent. doctors work in a maximum of two locations. Doctors reduced their working hours in the public health sector within two years - these are the main conclusions of the survey conducted by HMPM.

During the Tuesday press conference of the Polish National Trade Union of Doctors and the new chairwoman, Grażyna Cebula-Kubat, the report "Doctor as an employee 2020-2022. How the labor market is changing" was presented, based on two surveys conducted in cooperation with the portal Medycyna Praktyczna. The first study was conducted in February 2020, so just before the pandemic.

HRM checked both how and where doctors work and what mainly motivates them to work in a public or private system and what, possibly, the public system would have to provide financial conditions for doctors to agree to work exclusively. In recent months, PiS politicians - incl. Vice-chairman of the Health Committee Bolesław Piecha - suggested that a solution was being prepared...

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