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Today is World Oncology Day. Doctors appeal to use preventive examinations

MedExpress Team


Published Oct. 4, 2023 10:08

Today is World Oncology Day. Doctors appeal to use preventive examinations - Header image
Although Polish patients can take advantage of free and virtually queue-free preventive examinations, there are few takers, family doctors say. Meanwhile, waiting rooms for primary care offices are crowded. Unfortunately, more and more often these doctors diagnose not simple infections, but cancers, and in advanced stages.

Every year in Poland, more than 160 thousand people hear the diagnosis - it's cancer. 10 thousand die, and 440 thousand live with a diagnosed cancer. With the first symptoms of cancer, patients most often go to primary care physicians. As a result, family medicine specialists refer them for additional tests. Here they set up DiLO cards for patients. Today is October 4 - World Oncology Day. This is an opportunity to take advantage of preventive examinations that can save health and life," reminds the Federation Zielonogórski Porozumienie Zielonogórskie.

The main killer for several years has been lung cancer - as many as 26 percent of Poles die from this cancer. It used to attack mainly men, but now also women. One in 10 deaths is caused by prostate cancer, and more than 8 percent of patients are affected...

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