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One million children vaccinated

MedExpress Team


Published April 24, 2022 21:10

One million children vaccinated - Header image
Fot. Getty Images/iStockphoto
Over a million children in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi have already received at least the first dose of the approved malaria vaccine last year. Vaccinations, recommended by the WHO in October 2021, can save up to 80,000 children a year from death. However, sub-Saharan African countries also face other fundamental health problems: poor hospital supplies and insufficient medical facilities.

World Malaria Day is celebrated each year on April 25. Despite progress in the fight against the disease and its almost complete eradication from some regions of our planet, by 2020 more than 240 million people worldwide were suffering from malaria. As many as 627,000 of them died as a result of the disease, which was the first significant increase in statistics in many years. As much as 95% of cases of the disease are recorded in Africa: it is the inhabitants of this continent that have been waiting impatiently for effective methods ...

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