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There is the first EU list of critical medicinal products

MedExpress Team

Published Dec. 12, 2023 12:46

There is the first EU list of critical medicinal products - Header image
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The European Commission, together with the European Medicines Agency and the heads of member states' medicines agencies (HMAs), today published the first EU list of critical medicines. Today's publication follows a commitment in the Commission's Communication on tackling drug shortages in the EU to accelerate work on this list, originally announced in the EU's pharmaceutical reform proposal. An important part of the EU's work under the European Health Union is to ensure that patients get the medicines they need by increasing security of supply of critical medicines and preventing shortages. It is also part of the EU's efforts to increase our resilience and strategic autonomy in the face of unexpected geopolitical challenges.

Medicines listed as critical are those that are essential to ensure the provision and continuity of quality healthcare and guarantee a high level of public health protection in Europe. This first EU list of critical medicines contains more than 200 active substances used in human medicines deemed essential in the EU/EEA.

Drug on the list. What does it mean?

Inclusion on the list does no...

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