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Do we trust vaccinations? There is an EC report

MedExpress Team


Published Nov. 23, 2022 14:17

Do we trust vaccinations? There is an EC report - Header image
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Another report of the European Commission "Vaccine Confidence Project" has been published, which shows that after two years of the pandemic, confidence in vaccination across the EU has decreased. This also applies to Poland.

This is the third, after 2018 and 2020, edition of the report. What the authors - and the commenting representatives of the EC - point out, apart from the global decline in the level of trust, is the emergence of a large generation gap. People over 65 still, in the vast majority, trust vaccinations. The youngest adults (aged 18-34) are skeptical of them or even turn away.

At the moment, 81.5 percent. of EU citizens think vaccines are important, 85.6% assesses that they are effective, and 82.3 percent – that they are safe. However, there are huge diffe...

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