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Urology advances with state-of-the-art hardware therapies

MedExpress Team


Published Oct. 19, 2023 09:41

Urology advances with state-of-the-art hardware therapies - Header image
The laser beam from a device dedicated to urology called Thulio strikes the kidney deposit with the utmost precision, crushing the stone into extremely small pieces without leaving any residual lithiasis. The only device of this type in Poland is owned by EMC SA Group's St. Anne's Hospital in Piaseczno When this laser is used on the prostate, the patient has shallower scars and greater comfort in urination. The Piaseczno hospital has invested in a range of innovative equipment.

The hospital in Piaseczno is also the only facility in Poland performing RIRS 2.0 procedures, used to treat kidney stones. The procedure uses a flexible access shirt, inserted into the pyelocalyx system, directly under the crushed deposit. This allows for very precise suctioning of the dust and complete cleansing of the kidney," says Dr. Marek Zawadzki, a specialist-urologist, chief and co-founder of the Center for ...

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