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Joint course of study between WUM and SGH

MedExpress Team


Published May 6, 2023 13:37

Joint course of study between WUM and SGH - Header image
Warsaw's leading universities have signed a letter of intent to establish a new two-year master's degree program. The studies are aimed at future managers in the health care system. The studies will be jointly conducted by WUM and SGH.

The labor market expects graduates who are adequately prepared for the new challenges in the health care sector. Health care managers should be competent in both management and law and understand the specifics of the sector. To this end, the Warsaw Medical University (WUM) and the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) have established cooperation that will result in the opening of a joint degree program.

The program uniquely combines the scopes of management science, health sciences, economics, finance and legal sciences. Students are equipped with a broad knowledge of the mechanisms shaping the health care sector, as well as the soft skills necessary for managers operating in this industry. The program emphasizes the development of practical skills, which translates into a high proportion of seminars and exercises. Two tracks of study allow specialization in the systemic or organizational area.

The first enrollment of st...

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