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Caution with air conditioning, family doctors warn

MedExpress Team


Published July 14, 2022 08:11

Caution with air conditioning, family doctors warn - Header image
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The weather in Poland does not spoil us. Heat waves, where temperatures exceed 35-37 degrees, alternate with days of 20-23 degrees. And such changes often happen hour by hour. The weather swing weakens the body's immunity. If we add to this the incompetent use of air conditioning in hot weather - infections are not difficult, especially in children.

For several weeks, POZ doctors, as soon as it gets hot, see many patients in their offices with upper respiratory tract infections, sore throat, earaches, but also colds with high temperature. During the interview, it often turns out that they are "saving" themselves from heat - air conditioning. They use it mainly in cars, but also more and more often in offices and homes.
And unfortunately - they do it unskillfully, making a basic mistake.

- It's hot outside - well over 30 degrees, and in a car or indoors - 18 degrees. The body cannot withstand such a dif...

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