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Dentistry: no more debate time for action

MedExpress Team

Published Jan. 19, 2024 09:01

Dentistry: no more debate time for action - Header image
A plan to combat childhood caries and the need to support teaching staff at medical and dental faculties were the most important issues discussed at the recent meeting of the Council for the Development of Dentistry at the Ministry of Health, which is currently chaired by Vice President of the Supreme Medical Council Pavel Barucha. The meeting was attended by Minister Professor Ursula Demkow, who will be in charge of dental affairs in the new government.

For many years, the problem of caries in children has been a potential for creating ambitious strategies to combat this ailment. It is, of course, good that this issue is being recognized and discussed. However, this does not change the fact that more than 90 percent of children and teenagers have decayed teeth. It is time for real action to reverse these alarming sta...

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