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NIL: Saving a life is not a crime

MedExpress Team


Published Aug. 4, 2022 09:27

NIL: Saving a life is not a crime - Header image
In the coming months, the local government will present a bill on the no-fault system, under which doctors plan to collect signatures and submit it to the Sejm as a citizens' bill. On Wednesday, an expert conference "Saving life is not a crime" was held at the headquarters of the NIL - despite the invitation, none of the representatives of the health ministry participated in it.

During the conference, a memorandum was presented, which is the starting point for work on a new project. The medical bill is a response to the plans of the health ministry, which intends to include in the quality act the institution of extraordinary mitigation of punishment in the event of reporting a medical error - this solution, experts say, is light years distant from the no-fault system.

The lack of such a system, as emphasized in the discussion (and in the memorandum), has negative consequences. discouraging doctors from working in surgical specialties and choosing by doctors less risky treatment methods with potentially lower effectiveness.


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