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Mental health at work: Under pressure and in silence

MedExpress Team

Published July 10, 2023 08:36

Mental health at work: Under pressure and in silence - Header image
41% of employees feel emotionally overloaded, and 86% believe that work has a major impact on mental health. At the same time, the results show that 41% of employees are afraid to speak openly about the deterioration of their mental condition, and 43% of employees have never been asked by a supervisor about their well-being.

The survey "Closer to Yourself - Mental Health and Empathy at Work" was created on the initiative of the organizer of the "Closer to Yourself" campaign, ArteMis Group. It was carried out in late April and early May of this year on a nationwide sample of more than 1,500 people, among whom two groups were distinguished: employees and employers (decision-makers such as company owners, executives, directors, managers of organizational units). Its purpose was to identify mental health and empathy problems and needs in the work environment.

The survey was created to learn about the expectations, evaluations and attitudes of employees, but also of employers. This gives the working environment the knowledge it needs to do a better job of supporting employees' mental health. In light of the results, the slogan behind our campaign "Let's learn to talk about mental health" turns out to be correct. We can see that it is necessary to take active steps to make most, and preferably all, in the workplace feel psychologically safe and not afraid to talk openly about their well-being and mental condition," says Agata Swornowska-Kurto, CEO of ArteMis Group, the originator and organizer of the "Closer to You" campaign.

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