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Medical assistance for refugees. What about vaccinations?

MedExpress Team


Published March 10, 2022 07:57

Medical assistance for refugees. What about vaccinations? - Header image
During the two weeks of the refugee crisis, we vaccinated about six hundred Ukrainian citizens against COVID-19, whom Poland has already accepted about 1.3 million. The Health Commission, which on Wednesday listened to the information from the minister of health about medical aid for refugees, heard that in the Ukrainian society the interest in vaccinations is even lower than in the Polish one.

Poland, with the beginning of Russia's war against Ukraine, abolished all procedures related to the COVID-19 pandemic on the border with the attacked neighbor - for humanitarian reasons, but also, it seems, primarily logistical. Although the Minister of Health announced that in the first place, refugees will be able to use tests and vaccinations free of charge, but these are not obligatory for them. The members of the Health Committee, who on Wednesday discussed medical aid for war refugees, pointed out that it was a risky decision, because it posed a great epidemic threat - especia...

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