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FIZJA gives physiotherapists access to free training courses

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published July 25, 2023 14:53

FIZJA gives physiotherapists access to free training courses - Header image
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- Physiotherapists are learning, improving their skills all their lives, just like people in other highly responsible professions. We work hard to provide a wide range of training for our members. We have implemented and continue to improve the FIZJA platform, thanks to which physiotherapists have free access to interesting and useful training courses," Dr. Tomasz Dybek, president of the National Council of Physiotherapists, said at a press conference dedicated to the platform. About 80 trainings on more than 50 topics are available on the platform. Some 45,000 physiotherapists have already completed individual trainings.

- The perception of our profession, the practice of which is based on trust, is changing for the better. Within the framework of this trust, it is extremely important to provide patients with the highest possible level of care and to constantly improve our competence, to be up to date with scientific advances and developments in our field," Dr. Tomasz Dybek stressed.

Within the framework of "physiolearning," physiotherapists have the opportunity to receive training, with a particular focus on those completed in cooperation with physicians. A key tool for this...

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