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A speech therapist soon only in medical facilities?

MedExpress Team


Published April 3, 2023 10:21

A speech therapist soon only in medical facilities? - Header image
Speech therapists warn that the new law on certain medical professions could limit children and adolescents' access to speech therapy.

The draft law adopted by the government last week regulating the conditions and rules for the practice of 17 medical professions has provoked a violent protest from the speech therapist community. They point out that the speech therapy profession should be regulated by a separate law, as only about 15 percent of speech therapists in Poland work in the health service. Meanwhile, the effects of the proposed legislation will affect all speech therapists, most of whom work in educational institutions and private offices. The new law will cause them to suddenly lose the right to use their title unless they comply with the new law, which entails a number of costly obligations. As a result, this could lead to private practices closing down, leaving the profession, and thus reducing the availability of speech therapy.

According to estimates from the Polish Association of Speech Therapists (PZL), out of 100 speech therapists employed - 12 work for the health ministry, 76 for the education ministry, and 12 run private practices, as part of their business activities. Thus, after the new law is implemented, suddenly 88 speech therapists out of 100 will lose the right to use their title, and this regardless of their previous length of service and qualifications, as well as the right to use the title of speech therapist based on the education they have received. In order to retain their title, they will have to submit to the provisions of the ne...

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