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The PFRON program was supposed to help the disabled. Few are benefiting. RPO awaits clarification

MedExpress Team

Published Dec. 14, 2023 09:59

The PFRON program was supposed to help the disabled. Few are benefiting. RPO awaits clarification - Header image
The PFRON program "Rental of Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities" was intended to make it easier for people with disabilities to access specialized equipment. It was supposed to be a good...

The idea was that the program would make it so that people with disabilities would not have to bear the cost of purchasing equipment, and would use the money saved for other purposes. However, doubts have been raised against the PFRON program. The Ombudsman addressed the government's Plenipotentiary for Persons with Disabilities, Pawel Wdowik, on the issue.

There were reports in the media about the questionable way the program was organized. It was pointed out that the Government's Strategic Reserve Agency made purchases without consulting representatives of social organizations and manufacturers, and that the entities approached by the Agency were given a short deadline of 8 days to deliver the equipment. In addition, the proceedings are to be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Protection of Classified Information. The media also reported that the list of purchased equipment is not known.

On Feb. 7, 2023, during a meeting of the parliamentary committees on health and social policy, the Plenipotentiary reported that - together with the chairwoman of the National Consultative Council under him - he had created a list of experts who had commented on the equipment that should be loaned. He also asked the Prime Minister to iss...

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