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X-ray of the foot - course and indications for the examination

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Published Oct. 31, 2023 10:43

X-ray of the foot - course and indications for the examination - Header image
X-ray of the foot is the first of the imaging tests that the doctor orders in case of injury or suspected diseases of this part of the body. For a few minutes of the examination, an accurate image of the bony tissues of the foot is obtained. Read more about x-ray of the foot.

What is an x-ray of the foot?

X-ray examination, or X-ray or customarily x-ray, is one of the basic imaging tests. It uses X-rays to visualize the tissues of the body area being examined. This is because X-rays penetrate different anatomical structures to different degrees. In the case of bone tissue, which is dense, the X-rays are strongly absorbed. Thus, during an X-ray of the foot ( an accurate picture is obtained of the bones that build it, viz:

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