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"A good meal in the hospital" - will be piloted

MedExpress Team

Published Sept. 15, 2023 09:00

"A good meal in the hospital" - will be piloted - Header image
The Draft Regulation of the Minister of Health on the pilot program on nutrition education and improvement of nutrition quality in hospitals - "A good meal in the hospital" - has been submitted for consultation.

The draft regulation sets out the conditions for implementing a pilot program on dietary counseling and improving the quality of nutrition in hospitals called "A good meal in the hospital," hereinafter referred to as the "pilot program."

The goal of the pilot program is:

1) Increase the level of knowledge about food and nutrition that promotes the health of recipients through health care services in the form of nutritional counseling,

2) Implementation of an optimal model of nutrition for healthcare recipients in hospitals.

The introduction of the pilot ...

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