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Hearts of seriously ill patients can't wait that long

MedExpress Team


Published June 26, 2023 11:16

Hearts of seriously ill patients can't wait that long - Header image
A conversation with Prof. Przemysław Mitkowski, president of the Polish Society of Cardiology.

Medexpress: A number of reimbursement processes are currently underway at the Ministry of Health for medical procedures such as mechanical left ventricular support, a system for repairing tricuspid valve defects, loop recorders, and electrodeless cardiac pacing systems. These are all devices that are extremely important for seriously ill cardiac patients. To what extent are these technologies making a difference in the lives of seriously ill patients?

Prof. Przemysław Mitkowski: The technological advances we have seen in recent years are indeed incredible. These technologies, which we emphasize as the Polish Society of Cardiology, not only make it possible to do procedures faster, more efficiently and with fewer complications, but also to offer therapies to patients for whom we had nothing to offer before.

An example of such technology is percutaneous tricuspid valve repair using the edge-to-edge method. We already have considerable success in using this method for the mitral valve. We are talking about patients in whom the risk of standard cardiac surgery is very high (more than 5-10 percent). In such a situation, different methods of valve repair have been sought in order to achieve a health effect that not only improves the comfort of life, but even extends it.

Another technology is the use of left ventricular support, also in patients with advanced heart failure, but who are no longer candidates for heart transplantation. This is a sizable group. We mu...

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