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Quality of life of Polish patients with AS - diagnostic and therapeutic challenges

MedExpress Team

Published April 22, 2024 09:34

Quality of life of Polish patients with AS - diagnostic and therapeutic challenges - Header image
Chronic sinusitis with nasal polyps is a serious respiratory disease that can lead to many disorders in the health and life of patients. Disproportionately to the magnitude of the problem, awareness of this disease in Polish society is very low, including among those experiencing the condition. Diagnosis is often made too late, only after several years, when the disease has already reached an advanced stage. The World Day of Chronic Sinusitis with Nasal Polyps (CPSN) is an opportunity not only to educate, but also to present the scale of the problem faced by Polish patients.

PAPD is a persistent inflammation of the nasal and sinus mucosa of a recurrent nature that lasts for more than 12 weeks. The intractable symptoms and their chronic nature cause patients to describe their quality of life as lower than patients with either Parkinson's disease or coronary artery disease.

Ineffective treatment and struggle with constantly recurring symptoms develop anxiety and depression in patients additionally cause a decrease in social and professional activity.

- Chronic sinusitis with nasal polyps is a serious inflammatory disease, often co-occurring with other diseases such as asthma, atopic dermatitis or allergies. Symptoms of the disease such as chronic headache, congested nose, difficulty breathing, partial or total loss of smell largely prevent patients from functioning normally. Nasal polyps are a chronic and recurrent condition that is difficult to treat, and they often grow so large that they become visible on the outside of the nose, causing intense frustration and feelings of shame in patients. All these symptoms and helplessness in fighting the disease are the cause of patients' low quality of life, development of depression, frequent absenteeism from work and sick leave. Today, on the occasion of World Day of Chronic Sinusitis with Nasal Polyps, we especially want to highlight this problem, as it affects many patients in Poland - emphasizes Grzegorz Baczewski from the Council of the Allergy Center Foundation.

This is confirmed by the Social Security's data on sickness absence, according to which the PZZPN only
in 2022 accounted for 461,712 days of sickness absence and as many as 50,237 sick leave issued.

Development of the disease

Chronic sinusitis with nasal polyps (CPS) is an endogenous inflammation of the nasal mucosa and paranasal sinuses ...

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