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Oncology in a staff crisis

MedExpress Team


Published April 15, 2022 12:57

Oncology in a staff crisis - Header image
In the spring recruitment for residency in oncology specializations, over 90 percent were not filled. places. There were only 31 willing doctors for over 360 residencies. In some regions, no young doctor will start specializing in oncology.

This was one of the topics that sounded strong during Thursday's Oncology 2022 conference, where experts reviewed the most important systemic and clinical issues faced by oncologists, oncology patients and the entire system.

Prof. Piotr Rutkowski (Department of Tumors of Soft Tissues, Bones and Melanomas, National Institute of Oncology-National Research Institute in Warsaw), precisely in the context of little interest of young doctors in undertaking specializations related to oncology. This is not a problem of the last recruitment (spring recruitment is smaller than the autumn recruitment), but has been going on fo...

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